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I am a freelance graphic designer, living on Australia’s South Coast. I’m available for standalone projects or as ongoing assistance for all your graphic needs. It is my strong belief that a good working relationship is key for successful outcomes.

Hello! I’m michelle lorimer

Design is all about solving a problem, and I have been solving problems using my design skills, software skills, and just some good old research skills my whole career. Although I have a degree in Industrial Design I  worked for a range of companies before switching to working freelance. Working for diverse employers broadened my skill set and outlook. Something I realised during all that time is whatever the task, I just plain loved helping people and seeing their businesses thrive.


My Story and Skills

A degree in Industrial Design might sound like an unusual beginning to a career as a freelance graphic designer, right? I think it depends on how you are taught. We were always shown that whether it was 3D or 2D, we were approaching a problem that we needed to design a solution for. Most of the technical skills we needed to present our solutions were 2D presentation and design skills. 

Throughout my career I have worked within quite varied businesses, and have always learnt something new. Amcor taught me about packaging, printing, managing heavy workflows and prioritising to keep very high profile clients happy. My years at Bang Design brought such a wide range of projects from furniture, tap ware, trade show stands, products for the Olympics, brochures, and logos. 

 At ERM my technical drawing background was put to use and extended into technical illustration in the environmental field, where I supported a range of environmental consultants and provided illustrations for inclusion within their reports. Other projects included creating community consultation presentations, supporting the marketing and admin teams with invitations, report covers, proposals, powerpoint presentations, and trade show displays.

The diversity in my clients since becoming a freelancer has extended my skillset to include styling websites, assisting with social media products, and creating books from cover to cover for the print on demand and ebook systems.

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