Branding . Adrift Furniture

I meet some really talented people in my line of work. Adrift Furniture is a one man band, producing some really beautiful pieces, all with a rustic beachy aesthetic. A logo, some business cards and a Facebook page and Adrift was launched.



The rustic timber grain background also looks like the ripples left in wet sand, and the old sea blue of the text completes the beachy feel.


Branding + Site . The Possum Man

The Possum Man website redesign

The Possum Man website design, bold graphic elements give it impact.

Designing the website for  The Possum Man happened by accident. They had no more than a phone number on their old site, so initially this job was just to get more useful content up on the existing website. During a meeting with Buki of The Possum Man, it soon turned out that the whole website would need to be created from scratch. New business cards soon followed.

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Branding . Heritage Advisory Services

New HAS logo and business card

New HAS logo and business card

I have worked with Louise for quite a while, and when she set off into freelancing, starting Heritage Advisory Services, I jumped at the chance to help her get started. I love to see small businesses putting their best foot forward. You are never too small to consider your branding.

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