Printable calendar

Get organised | Print a free calendar

Too easy, print it out, be organised!

Right so Christmas is over, we said good-bye to our lovely Christmas tree, almost all the leftover food is gone. Now what? Now it’s time to get organised for 2013! That’s what! It starts in just two days! Yikes! And here’s me without a calendar. Didn’t get one in your stocking either? Well lucky you came here, I have a neat little free printable calendar all set and ready to print. In fact it’s perpetual, so if it’s already March when you see this, no problem! Just start with March and date the sheets from there! Nice.

Get organised | Printable perpetual calendar

I clip my pages and hang them on push pins.

In fact I started last November. As you do. I often have to start new diaries or calendars part way through the year, as things take a turn for the busy. This time I can already sense impending busy-ness!

Get organised | Free printable calendar

Write the dates in the yellow boxes…

Happy New Year!  Now go and get yourself organised!

Download the calendar here.

Please note it is for personal use, but feel free to share it with links back via your blog or Pinterest etc.