Branding + Signage . Retropress

Retropress is a new local printing studio that specialises in letterpress. When you visit their offices you may catch their fabulous letterpress printing machines in action, a chance to watch living history! Experts in their field, it was a fantastic opportunity to work with them on their branding. One thing led to another and we also developed signage for their studio and a customised wordpress website. I have also had the opportunity to work on some of their letterpress projects, such an awesome experience as designing for letterpress has it’s own unique requirements.

Kirsten and Andrew wanted to portray a sophisticated look. Although they love all things retro, vintage and the Beatles, they are serious about what they do, they have the professional experience, and always produce work of an exceptional standard.



Their logo worked beautifully as the elegant inline version, and the more compact and bold round version. Having alternative logos is something I cannot recommend highly enough. The round version works so well as a watermark on photography, even within Instagram. It also translated perfectly as signage.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to letterpress print your own business cards? The quality is just second to none.


A customised wordpress website was the next step. Easy to update and maintain yourself, easily customisable, wordpress websites are a fantastic way to get yourself out there online.



Branding . Jo Wagstaff



Jo Wagstaff is an amazing and inspirational woman, and I had the fortune of working with her to create her branding, and extensive package including the usual suspects, logo and business cards, and extended to include her website and presentation documents. Jo had been working on her own Weebly website, a great way to get yourself up and running, but wanted it customised to suit her new branding.




Fresh and confident, friendly and uplifting. The fluid design and palette full of greens were strongly indicated by the end of our mood board.



I’m sure I say this about all my clients, but honestly such a wonderful project to work on, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


Branding + Site . The Possum Man

The Possum Man website redesign

The Possum Man website design, bold graphic elements give it impact.

Designing the website for  The Possum Man happened by accident. They had no more than a phone number on their old site, so initially this job was just to get more useful content up on the existing website. During a meeting with Buki of The Possum Man, it soon turned out that the whole website would need to be created from scratch. New business cards soon followed.

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