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The Possum Man website redesign

The Possum Man website design, bold graphic elements give it impact.

Designing the website for  The Possum Man happened by accident. They had no more than a phone number on their old site, so initially this job was just to get more useful content up on the existing website. During a meeting with Buki of The Possum Man, it soon turned out that the whole website would need to be created from scratch. New business cards soon followed.

Map for The Possum Man

Custom drawn service area map for The Possum Man

A fun project with great clients, I was so happy to receive this glowing recommendation at the end of the project!

“I have worked out what it was that stopped me from building or should I say correcting our website. The creativity. I just wanted someone to … create one for us without having to sit there for hours doing this part myself. You took what little information I gave you and developed a site that started working immediately. And also the fact that you have easy fast follow up to any changes required. Great after sale service.

Simple, creative, imaginative and presto it’s done.”

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